Lecture notes appearing when blank

I have seen countless posts that show how to get a field (Lecture notes; AnKing) to automatically pop up when a card is flipped. But it seems like that field will only appear if there is text in that field. Can I add filler text to all cards in this field so that with the “Edit fields in review” add on, I can quickly click on said text and take notes, rather than having to enter the card? I tried going to ‘fields’ and adding something to the field description, but it hasn’t worked.

I believe this solution you provided could work

The filler text solution can be achieved quickly using Find and Replace: Browsing - Anki Manual

Another untested solution to try is to open the Card Types screen and remove {{#Lecture Notes}} and {{/Lecture Notes}} from the back template.

But what I’m saying is as it currently stands, there’s nothing there for me to click. Because these are new cards without lecture notes present.

You can try adding a simple letter for example so it starts showing up and you can edit? I don’t have much experience with the edit fields in review addon so not sure if this would work

Hi! Did you ever find a solution to this besides the one you described?


Tools>Find & Replace… replace [spacebar] with any filler text in your field of choice (I did “.” in the lecture notes field)

Now all of my cards have a lecture note with a period by default for easy access to edit

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Thank you!!

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