Make 1-by-1 apply to specific clozes

When I make a card of the Ankingoverhaul note type (or edit an Anking for Step card) with 1-by-1, the 1-by-1 applies to all the clozes, which I don’t like. I do want all the, say, 15 different cloze1s to be 1-by-1, but I don’t want cloze2 and cloze3 to be 1-by-1, I just want them to be regular clozes. For clozes 2 and 3, I still need to hit space and then ‘n’ in order to reveal their content, which adds an unnecessary extra step. It would be really nice to specify which clozes I want to be 1-by-1’d.

With my non-existent coding knowledge, I see two methods for doing this.

  1. If there is text in the 1-by-1 field, some program checks which clozes have multiple appearances in the card, and only those have 1-by-1 applied to them. Likely quicker and easier for you guys to code, but doesn’t allow for greater fine-tuning: what if I have 15 cloze1s that I want to be 1-by-1’d, but I also have 3 cloze2s that I don’t want to be 1-by-1’d (I do in fact do this).
  2. Some method is developed which allows the user/deck creator to specify which clozes of a card should have 1-by-1 applied to them. Perhaps we put numbers into the 1-by-1 field, separated by commas, and these numbers specify which clozes are to have 1-by-1. Probably more work for you guys, but also much much more adaptable and modifiable for the user.

I do understand that the company that develops and maintains ankihub also happens to be more-or-less the same people that maintain the AnKing deck. Option 2 would require that you, and all the other owners of a deck on ankihub, change the text in the 1-by-1 field in every single 1-by-1 card. In the long run, this would be the most adaptable option, but I understand that switching to it would likely not be the easiest thing in the world.

I should have asked - is this a feature that already exists?

No, this feature currently does not exist, but that is something we would hope to maybe have in the future!

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Just curious if this is it? Not sure though

Does this mean you can control on which cloze 1b1 appears?

I tried it, and for some reason it didn’t work for me. Its cool to see that it must somehow work for other people, though!

Yes! This selective one by one feature was coded by Finn from our german Anki project.

He added it to our AnKing Notetype Addon-Fork (

But you have to activate the selective one by one function manually in our addon beforehand:


Wow!! Amazing

selective-1b1 author here! :wave:

Yep, that does mean exactly that! :smile:
It’s probably not the absolutely nicest looking piece of code I ever wrote, however it’s reliable and performative across all platforms and devices (afaik, can’t test for every single contingency).

It’s much more powerful than simply that though:

  • selectiveOneByOne allows one to apply 1b1 to only specific clozes (e.g. only c1 and c2)
  • minNumberOfClozes allows you to set a minimum number of clozes for which the 1b1 feature should appear (e.g. for every cloze with more than three instances in a note [so “c1 c1 c1” would activate, but “c1 c1” would not])
  • alwaysOneByOne allows you to select whether or not the 1b1-Field needs to be non-empty to activate 1b1 (to just activate any non-empty string will do)

So one could run a custom setup where only specific clozes of specific cards get the 1b1 treatment, whereas someone else could have every cloze with >4 instances do the same.

It’s a bit complicated to granularly go through every single possible set-up one could use, however that provides exceptional flexibility to the people that seek it.
Some people dislike 1b1 completely, some only for clozes with a lot of instances etc.

Most people, however, just use our default setting (currently it is 1b1 for all clozes with >=3 instances) which has been received quite well so far :smiley:


@TheAnKing @andrew check this out! really cool


Wow this is amazing!

@abdo.nh can we add this functionality to the anking note types and addon?


@abdo.nh I’m now back from the Medimeisterschaften and absolutely open to chat about the stuff I’ve changed (and IMO [at least partly] improved :upside_down_face:) from your default AnKing-Overhaul notetypes :smiley:


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