May 2024 Malleus Clinical Medicine (ANZ) Update

Hey everyone,

It’s been some time since we’ve formally updated everyone on the progress of the Malleus Clinical Medicine deck for Australian and New Zealand medical students. Since September 2022, @sabicool and I have been hard at work trying to get the foundations in place to eventually bring together our ultimate vision of covering all of Clinical Medicine in Anki with a focus on Australian guidelines. Rest assured, we are still as passionate about this project and believe strongly in its ability to positively reform medical education for the better.

With a realisation that this goal was not going to be achieved without significant extra hands on deck, we have recently begun a collaboration with the Australian Medical Students’ Association and their Medical Education (Med Ed) team; who have provided 2 dedicated “Malleus Clinical Medicine AMSA Liaison Officers” to be a permanent addition to AMSA’s MedEd team to allow for continuity of the project. This was proposed at the start of 2024 and we have begun working with these two representatives over the past few weeks.

In other news, we have approached 2000 cards, and have set up a new notion site where we are keeping much better track of the content for which we are creating cards for, and we encourage everyone to check it out to see if they would be willing to get in board.

Over the coming few weeks, we aim to focus on promoting the project with some dedicated advertising from AMSA, and to set clear expectations from maintainers to try and help progress through the tagging and card creation. Once we have converted the current tagging structure document into Notion, we will have a much more efficient way of keeping on top of card creation priorities and setting deadlines.

Of course, if anyone wants to directly help out with card creation, we encourage you to get in contact, either on the Discord here or by emailing me directly at The Google Drive with some more information is still available here and we also have a dedicated FaceBook page here.

I will try and make sure we send out updates every 2 months at a minimum! :slight_smile:

  • Stapedius