Messaging other users

There is a user who has recently been contributing to my deck on AnkiHub. I like this person’s contributions, and I want to discuss with them joining my deck’s team. Right now, I have no way of getting into contact with this person. Is there plan to have some sort of messaging system in place for this kind of communication?

I would rather not just grant maintainer privileges to this person without a conversation first. Also, if I were to grant this person maintainer privileges, it is possible for me as the deck owner to restrict bulk updates from maintainers or other grades of privilege I as a deck owner can impose upon maintainers?


@blue , I love the ideas. We don’t have granular permissions for maintainers but we can take a look into what it would take to implement them.

As for messaging a user, there’s not a streamlined way/first class support for this, but the first thing to try in the mean time is to message them here on Discourse. By default, their username should be the same. So if they’ve created an account here, you should be able to start a chat or DM them. If not, let me know and I can reach out to them and link them here. Just give me their username.


@blue this is the next big feature we’re hoping to implement :slight_smile:


Hi @kumara7 !

We’ve been really liking the changes you’ve sent in. I sent you a message on here. If reddit works better, shoot me a message u/bluedude163