Need help with options

hello guys this are my options

and when i do new cards, time on easy button is different on every card and keep in mind they are new but they vary from 3d-5d(i didnt put number 5 in any of the options but it still pops up on easy interval), time is not same on every card even though they should right? and im worried if there is something wrong with my settings or what is the reason for this

This is what the V3 scheduler does, called the fuzz factor. The reason for this is if you do 100 new cards and click easy on all of them (hypothetically).

Without V3 β†’ you would have 100 cards due exactly in 4 days

With V3 β†’ you would have 50 cards due in 4 days, 25 cards in 3 days, 25 cards in 5 days β†’ end goal is you have less to do per day and you dont have a huge spike of 100 (all hypothetical ofcourse the formula and math is way different but you get the idea).

But in essence everything is working fine and correctly!

Now that you explained i think it is better that way than to do all in one day cause 1-2 days doesn’t make a difference thank you very much <3

i forgot to ask will the interval be the same after some time for example if one card says 25 days others will say 26, 27 or interval will be different like more than that 1-2 days which was difference in the start?

I think it will have a slightly increased variance but maybe 2-3 days difference. Negligible in the long run

thank you much apprecaite for quick responsses

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