Question about anki scheduling and settings

Hi everyone , a quick question
I’m new with anki so my question may sound stupid

now I took for example 100 new cards yesterday and they came today and I reviewed them, now they should come 3 days later ( because I’m using AnKing settings ) BUT instead what happened is that part of them are coming after 2 days and part after 3 days and the last part after 4 days , why is that ? why not all of them just come after 3 days ? thanks

No worries, this is a feature of Anki’s algorithm known as “fuzz-factor”. For more information I will direct you to the Anki 101 Playlist on Youtube and the Anki Manual

thank you for answering, how can I remove or disable it ? I don’t want this feature

I don’t believe it is possible. You should direct this question to the official Anki forum as they are more knowledgeable regarding core Anki functionality.