New Diagram Formatting

We’re trying to come up with a way to convert the current diagrams format into a more aesthetically pleasing one that follows as many of the following few criteria as possible.

  1. Any user should be able to edit small portion of the diagram within the anki browser without the need of an external program (i.e. one word, which wouldn’t be possible if the file was an image)
  2. Scale correctly with window size
  3. Adhere to users’ color mode (i.e night mode)
  4. Amboss addon should be able to recognize the text (which again wouldn’t work with an image)
  5. If one card is updated then all cards with that diagram should be updated as well (idk if this is even possible but would be really cool if we can implement this) [if we could implement this is there a way to implement it for tables as well?]

We’ve come up with a few ideas so far

  1. Using the website They seem to have many diff options such as svg, html, etc…
  2. HTML & CSS - have the info entered in as a bullet point list and then use the anking notetype addon to format it with css (CSS3 Family Tree)
  3. Use something like A Mermaid User-Guide for Beginners | Mermaid (Suggested by @andrew)



Any update on this?