One-by-One cards with 1 or 2 clozes and extra field shown before answering

Hi, I’m noticing many cards (specifically Pathoma tags for the Derm chapter) have 1 or 2 one-by-one clozes. It’s getting annoying for every card and slowing me down. The notes section is also revealed before I answer the cloze (see image below Anki id: 1488679982353 as an example). I wonder whether it’s a bug since it doesn’t seem to follow the guidelines. Is there any way to fix this or suggest fixing that may be most effective?

Anki id: 1488679982353

It’s not a 1 by 1 in my collection - maybe try using the AnkiHub: Reset local changes option after right clicking the card in the browser.

Weird that it’s not a 1 by 1 on yours. I clicked “Ankihub: reset local changes” and quit/reopened. But nothing seems to have changed. It’s still showing as a 1by1 for me.

Can you click edit and see if there is a “y” in the one-by-one field at the bottom of the card?

One by one field is empty.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 10.53.24 PM

Try unchecking the “flip to back of card automatically” option in AnKing Note Types add-on, or changing autoflip = true to autoflip = false in the front template.

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This helped keep the extra/notes hidden until I answer - thank you! Will this change persist after updates from Ankihub?

However, it still uses the 1 one-by-one cloze, and I have to do two unreveal clicks to see the answer. Would someone or you be able to walk me through how to change note type in bulk? Or is it an Ankihub coding correction?

Anki ID: 1488502349621

The note type on AnkiHub has autoflip disabled by default, so this should persist.

Does resetting the note type using the AnKing Note types add-on help?


I just downloaded the add-on again. It was giving me errors before that seem to have fixed itself (the screen kept flickering when the mouse moved). The add-on keeps asking me to update the notetypes, but I assume I shouldn’t? - is that correct? I didn’t press reset anywhere but the cloze cards are not one-by one anymore so far… so I think it’s “fixed”. :crossed_fingers:t3:

That’s a known issue with the add-on. You can disable the add-on if the one by one issue is gone.

This might be related to a recent Anki issue. You can try switching the video driver setting from the preferences.