Photo Sizes (Minimized vs. Expanded)

Now that images are being added. Is it possible that you can double check that the images are being shrunken down (minimized), not expanded to full size? Some images I have to legit scroll what seems like a mile :smiley:


@Ahmed7 @dollajas

I wanted to second this, some of the pictures are enormous.

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Great thanks everyone, we will talk about what we can do to fix this moving forward

In the meantime, you can adjust it in the note styling by finding this piece of code:

#extra img,
#notes img,
#missed img,
#pathoma img,
#bnb img {
  max-width: 85%;

I am bringing this post back into existence due to the fact that this problem has been ignored in the latest push of fixes to images. I have noticed that the sketchy photos are being updated again but they have been blown out of proportion on the mobile devices.

Can someone look into what is going on? Thank you!

@TheAnKing arenโ€™t they supposed to automatically be cropped down to a certain size?

Yeah. Mobile and iPad can potentially have different settings. @spartandrew18 is it just sketchy images? I think that field is normally supposed to be 60% or something like that

Yeah I think itโ€™s majority sketchy. I think it may just be the new ones being updated. They are not all like that. However, I have noticed some of the ones that used to be small are now large.

Two users have started updating old very low quality sketchy images to higher quality. Checking them on laptop/PC the sizes appear normal since the sketchy field is automatically cropped. I wonder if there is an option for Anki IOS to do the same but cropped to a greater extent?

Looks like the formatting is fine for desktop and mobile. On desktop itโ€™s restrained to 60%. On mobile itโ€™s made to be 100% (all images are). It seems maybe just ipad is the issue? We could change max width on ipad to be 80% or something like that?

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I would play around with 60-80% on iPad in the horizontal mode if you have one. Iโ€™m sure thatโ€™s the way most people are doing cards on this machine. Appreciate you looking into this :pray:t2:

Also not all cards are like this. It just seems to be some selective ones.

Would this just apply to the sketchy field? You can try adding this code to the bottom of the styling

.iPad #sketchy img {