Please help anki hub not syncing due to it asking to reconfirm email

Hi Anki Team,

I am unable to sync my anki due to it asking me to reconfirm my email by logging into anki hub on my browser. However, I have logged into anki hub on my browser and have not received an email confirmation or able to sync my anki. I have also reinstalled the anki add on.

Thank You

Have you tried checking your spam? I had a the same problem and the email was in my spam

I am guessing this is for AnkiWeb and not AnkiHub, can you take a picture of it?

If it is for AnkiHub, then you just need to login again with your username and password, and ankihub will re-send the confirmation email to the email address you used to create your account.

You should see a screen that says “Verify your E-mail address”.

Please let us know if you see this screen and if after that you received the email correctly in your inbox.

If it is for AnkiWeb, then you have to go to and sign in

Hi Ahmed,

This is the error that is shown on Ankiweb both on my phone and computer. I have tried logging into ankihub on the ankiweb and on my chrome browser yesterday i received the email confirmation message but even after i gave confirmation it is still giving the error.

Thank you

AnkiHub and AnkiWeb are different services.

We are AnkiHub, your error is related to AnkiWeb.

If your error persists, you will have to post your issue on the official Anki forums.

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