Renaming a deck --> renaming note type?

I have the deck now titled “Blue Ophthalmology” on AnkiHub. I renamed it to this, with it previously being called “BlueAce Ophthalmology”. I noticed that the note type in my Anki desktop program is still “AnKing (BlueAce Ophthalmology / blue)”

Is there any way to update this with the deck’s name change? Also, if I renamed the deck title, will it be renamed for anyone who downloads it?


I think the deck title changes for new downloaders. The note type doesn’t change for now. That’s a feature we can hopefully add in about 2-3 months

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Great, I’ll be excited for that and for when the cap of 500 is off for updates or there is a simple way to change tag structure. I spent a while last night going in groups of 500 updating because my head tag changed.

Last I tested our performance improved enough to remove the cap but then we added images.

@jakub.f @andrew are we going to add an option to bypass this in the config in the near future?

Per one of my users, they stated that the deck name did not change. In my list of subscribed decks, it also stayed as BlueAce Ophthalmology. Is this just a visual bug?


We might have to change it on the back end. @developers ?

I think we can just increase the limit. Images shouldn’t effect this. I’m not sure what the new limit should be, though. @jakub.f , we could do some profiling to make sure we are comfortable bump long the limit to like 5k.

Thanks for addressing the suggestion number question. I’d also like to know if it’s possible for the change in deck name on AnkiHub to be reflected in what the end user sees in their Anki desktop app for both the main screen deck title and for the note type.

This is not currently possible.

The name change will be reflected for new users but not existing users.

I just subscribed for the first time and see that the note type is still AnKing (BlueAce Ophthalmology / blue), so we’ll need to address that as well when we support note type updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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