Updating from an older deck, different note types to AnkiHub?

I create the BlueAce Ophthalmology Anki deck with my team based out of the r/OphthalmologyAnki subreddit. In this deck, much like the AnKing deck, we have curated several previous Anki decks that were floating around in the ether online to form one master deck so we could cross-tag, edit, and otherwise change content/organization of these decks. Some of these decks were already somewhat widely used prior to the introduction of our main deck, and therefore there are users that are seeking to “jump ship” from the older, unmaintained decks to our deck (similar to going from original Zanki or Dorian to the AnKing deck).

Current issue:
I have users wanting to go from a previously used deck that is a part of my deck on AnkiHub, but whose cards had a different note type in the past. We have previously talked about being able to change note types on AnkiHub and that is “on the to-do list” but is there a way for my deck’s users to do this when getting my deck on AnkiHub?

In other words, I have users using deck A wanting to use my deck, deck B. Deck A is contained within deck B, and while deck B has the same notes as deck A (among other decks/notes), these notes have a different note type and several other edits. Right now, my solution would be to have the users follow a series of steps off of AnkiHub using the special fields addon to allow for conversion of note types, then subscribing to the deck on AnkiHub so that they can keep their review progress. Is this the most elegant solution available?

I realize this may be a complex issue and please let me know if there is something in this post that did not make sense.

AnkiHub can update note types when importing a deck. Is there something else you need done besides allowing people with older note types to update to the AnkiHub deck?

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Do I need to have them place the old decks in a setup similar to the way my head deck is set up on the main decks screen in order to do this?
Also, my understanding is that I cannot change note types from within AnkiHub (or on cards already on AnkiHub from the Anki desktop app), correct?

No. AnkiHub can make things work with one deck (though did just recently add Subdeck support)

And yes at the moment you can’t change the note types of stuff already on AnkiHub. That’s on the todo list

Any update on when we can change note types? I made 555 notes all with the wrong type and I guess there’s no way to change the note type without re-creating everything?

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Probably a couple months but it’s on the todo list for the near future

Hey, wanted to ask if the update to change note types of cards already on AnkiHub is available now, and if yes, how?

It is not available as of yet, we will let you know when it is. Sorry about that

Sorry… might still be a bit. It’s a more complicated issue than anticipated. A lot to consider and we’re trying to decide how much of note type collab to actually support because it gets messy really quick. Definitely on the to do list though!