Review Tagging of Sketchy in ANKING V12

Hi, I was recently unsuspending cards from the Sketchy section of ANKING V12 and noticed that there are less cards tagged there than in V11 [compared that with some friends]. I assume this might be the case if some cards are irrelevant, but have the feeling that Sketchy is generally undertagged in ANKING V12 [whether cards do not exist for some concepts or tags were removed]. How can that be handled ie reviewing the Tagging of Sketchy in ANKING V12?

This is likely due to all the duplicate cards that were deleted from V11 > V12. No sketchy content is missing from V12 and we are continuing to add more as our volunteers are able to help.

Hey, I noticed that Sketchy Micro C Diff (video 5) cards are missing is that just on my end?

Hello, I think you have to check the “11_retired lessons” under the “SK bacteria tag”; got the same impression when searching for that and other videos too. Cheers!

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