Submitting suggestions

I know there are a lot of features and improvements underway that are probably more important but I’ve noticed it is kind of tedious when submitting a suggestion you have to use the mouse to click “OK” whereas closing every other window in anki (making/editing cards etc.) you can Ctrl/Cmd + Enter to close.
It would be nice to also be able to do that with the ANKIHUB suggestion window when done typing.

I believe @AnKingMed also requested this once before

Also, I look forward to accepting your suggestions every morning, keep it up!! :grinning:

I support this :slight_smile:

I was thinking Alternatively (or in addition) it would be nice to be able to “Tab” out of the Rational for Change section. Tab works from change type to source to Rational for Change but once in that box, it won’t tab down to the “submit without review” or “OK” button. “Tab” just adds a huge space as if you hit the spacebar 10 times.

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