Sync with Anki Hub hot key


As maintainers for a collaborative deck, my classmates and I are frequently uploading changes. In an effort to prevent anyone from falling behind, we must constantly tell each other to “Sync with AnkiHub” so that they do not study unedited cards, try to edit cards that were already corrected, etc. This would be far easier with a “Sync with AnkiHub” hotkey/keyboard shortcut! If one already exists, please let me know. Otherwise, I think it would be a helpful addition to the program, especially for those of us using Bluetooth controllers!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

@jakub.f is it possible to have AnkiHub sync when Anki syncs? So it’s tied to “Y”? Could have a hidden config option to turn this on. Probably would need to make AnkiHub sync first, then Anki

Something like automatic silent AnkiHub synces taking place every like 15 minutes could be possible too maybe? Also could be an optional feature.

I agree, automatic syncing outside of launch would be nice. However, I feel like there is the potential for messing with cards if we were actively reviewing them. I may be wrong.

Yes, we could sync with AnkiHub after each AnkiWeb sync. There could be a config setting for that. I think this would be a good option for now. Automatic syncing every 15 minutes might be problematic.

any reason not to have that be the default?

I’d say it should be the default and there should be an option to disable it.

Agree that auto syncing every 15 min would be less desirable.

With linking to Anki sync can we force AnkiHub to sync before Anki syncs?

Yes, that should be possible. Probably a good idea because this would be more convenient for people that use Anki on multiple devices and want to sync changes downloaded from AnkiHub with AnkiWeb.


@AnKingMed @madisonhale @Pluto @cptmedic @andrew

Two new config options were added to the add-on: sync_hotkey and auto_sync!
The auto_sync option is automatically set to on_ankiweb_sync if you had (the now removed) sync_on_startup option enabled previously.