Syncing to Ankihub deletes my Filtered Decks


Can someone please help me understand why my Filtered decks are deleted upon syncing with AnkiHub? Before re-downloading the AnkiHub addon, my filtered decks always remained (even if empty and synced or rebuilt). Now, inconsistently, my empty filtered decks are deleted upon syncing with Ankihub.

I am using a simple ::Tag (is: due or is:new) deck and the “Create/update this deck even if empty” option is off. I tried clicking it on, and my decks still disappeared (the non-deleted decks have had it turned off the entire time).

I have also attempted to say “no” to “Enable Subdecks” as I read on a different forum post that was tangentially related but when I close the window, the box returns to being checked off as yes (I’m not sure if this is my problem?)

Screenshot 1: Enable Subdecks setting
Screenshot 2: Remaining filtered decks (2 identical filtered decks as described earlier were removed upon syncing)
Screenshot 3: Filtered deck settings (consistent across all)

Thank you for your help.

Are you ever prompted to upload to ankiweb or download from ankiweb? If you are, what are you pressing

AnkiHub cannot delete your filtered decks so I am unsure why this would be occuring

I always use my computer as my main device and in the past would upload from it directly and download to my phone and ipad. I haven’t been receiving any prompt to do so recently though.