AnkiHub sync difficulty- cards present one day and not the next

I am having a lot of trouble with, I think, syncing my decks.

One day all of my cards are there, the next day they are not. Currently I have 100 cards in my Anking overhaul when previously I have seen 30,000+.

My media sync has been in constant idle mode.

I have deleted and resubscribed/re-added to all options mentioned in other forums- the add on, the decks on the website, the decks in my anki.

I have deleted my old anking versions in case that was an issue.

I have not updated my anki and have the version stated on the ankihub website.

I am confused on what I am doing wrong as I have tried all the suggestions I have seen for this.

When you encounter the upload to ankiweb, or download from ankiweb. Which one do you press? This might be the issue

I have been choosing download from ankiweb

You need to click on upload to ankiweb, this is why it keeps deleting/reverting back. Let me know if this ends up fixing your issue!

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Looks to be fixed!! Thank you SO much, I was getting so frustrated with myself.

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