Tagging Step 1 and Step 2 overlapping cards without color

Is it possible to tag cards that have Step 1 & 2 tags without a color? I tagged all my ~12k overlapping cards with a blue tag but this makes it difficult to see which is suspended vs. unsuspended. Is there a way to sort fields by step 2 tag so color tags don’t have to be used? This would help greatly in knowing which cards to focus on. Thank you!

If you’re asking about flags, you can search for flag:0 to show cards with no flags.

In the Anki browser if you reference the “Due” section it could help resolve your problem. This column will report either the due date of the card or the new number. but if you suspend a card it will appear in parenthesis like (New#1234) or (2023-09-12) or if the card is still learning it may appear blank. but no parenthesis/ not blank= unsuspended
or you could simply add the “is:suspended” or “-is:suspended” clarifier as well to the search bar