TTS and one by one

The new one by one feature is great. Thanks for setting it up.

One issue that I have run into is that when I am using text-to-speech is it not as streamlined. For example, I have “var autoflip = true” coded so that any one by one cards auto flip so that I can cruise through them. But then if I have TTS on the back template of the card it will read all of the answers. Additionally, with autoflip it won’t read the front of the card.

Question: is there a way to code TTS independent to other cards for one by one cards, similarly to how var autoflip occurs for one by one mode? I am envisioning have a TTS code that is only activated during one by one cards and will only read the front of the card

Normal cards will use this:
Front: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha,Microsoft_Zira speed=1.5:cloze:Text }}
Back: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha,Microsoft_Zira speed=1.2:cloze-only:Text}}

// use this TTS when One by one mode.
var TTS = true
Back template: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha,Microsoft_Zira speed=1.5:cloze:Text }}

Not sure if that’s possible.

As far as I know at the moment no. This is a support forum for AnkiHub though. You can post stuff for the note types on that GitHub:

I believe there’s already an issue created suggesting something similar

okay thanks

By the way, why are there so many ankihub note updates? Everytime it updates I have to go back in and turn back on TTS and var autoflip etc

Sorry we made a big update and then found bugs after. I think we’re finished for a bit