Can someone help me with TTS code?

Hi, I finally managed to get text-to-speech to play automatically on my cards. It is currently saying the card out loud with the cloze being “Blank”

I want it to say the card once again when the cloze is revealed and I want the voice to be US mac Samantha. Can you please provide me with the code for those changes to be implemented? I am absolutely terrible at coding so please make it simple lol

Here is the code I have on the card in the front template {{tts en_GB:cloze:Text}}

Thank you

Update, I was able to change the voice to Samantha and get the card to play before the cloze is revealed (with “blank”) and after (with the actual cloze answers. I have this code on both the front and back: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha speed=1:cloze:Text}}

  1. How can I edit the front so she would say the card out loud but without saying “blank” before the cloze is revealed?

  2. How can I edit the back so that after the cloze is revealed she would just say the content of the cloze and not the entire thing again?

I don’t know if anyone on our team will be able to give you the specific answers you are looking for. You may have some more luck on the r/Anki or r/medicalschoolanki subreddits, there are more people familiar with TTS over there

Not sure if you figured it out already but this is what I use and it works well:

Front template: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha,Microsoft_Zira speed=1.5:cloze:Text }}
Back template: {{tts en_US voices=Apple_Samantha,Microsoft_Zira speed=1.2:cloze-only:Text}}