Unable to add cards to AnkiHub deck

I get the following error message when trying to upload cards to my AnkiHub deck.

Submitted 0 change note suggestion(s).

Submitted 0 new note suggestion(s) to.

Failed to submit suggestions for 7 note(s).

All notes with failed suggestions:

1587563268021, 1587563005159, 1587563176680, 1587563360414, 1587563045805, 1587563937022, 1587564013695

Notes without changes (0):

Is it possibly because the cloze overlapper I used to create the cards isn’t supported by AnkiHub anymore?

It says those notes don’t have any changes. Did you modify something? Try making an additional change to the note and uploading individually. Does that work?

These are new cards I created to add to the deck. I’ll try adding them individually and see if that works.

When trying to upload individually, I get the following error message

Screenshot (3)

Is it because I changed the note type at the start?

Yeah that’s probably why. You’ll need to keep the same note type for that deck

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Was wondering whether it’s a known bug and something that will be fixed soon or is it something I have to keep in mind going forward with the deck?

It’s a feature that we’re hoping to work on in the future