Unable to submit suggestions from anki or webapp

I’m seeing something really weird with anki and ankihub and the ankihub community webapp.

I keep finding issues with grammar and other small things in the deck and i want to submit suggestions to fix them but i’m unable to do so when i try from anki’s UI, as well as when I try logging into ankihub on chrome or Mozilla.

When was the last time (as of March 5th), that updates to the mcat deck were pushed? I think I might have broader issues syncing my decks and i’m not quite sure what to do. It’s affecting my productivity.

Please help!


What occurs when you try suggesting? Does an error message pop up?

The last time an update was pushed was 59 minutes ago as of my reply

CleanShot 2024-03-06 at 07.39.22

from anki it responds with a 400 error in the log. from the webapp, in Mozilla or Chrome, it just displays a toast message saying ‘note is unchanged’ after i click submit. When i open the developer console and see the network calls it looks like its returning a 400 error as well.

Can you use AnkiHub > Help > Upload logs and post the filename shown?

Sure. The filename is this

Here’s another log file after reproing the issue again.

i don’t mean to spam this thread but i think i’m also having issues syncing with ankihub. Another log file is below.


The logs indicate general connection issues. Some steps to try:

  • Try syncing with a different network to narrow down issues with your network configuration.
  • Disable any firewall/antivirus software.
  • Check your proxy settings (Windows, macOS).

hi there. i’ve checked across multiple networks and disabled firewall/antivirus software and ensured my proxy settings are inline with what’s in the link, but to no end.

what would my next steps to troubleshoot be?

There are some network errors in the logs, but they appear to be intermittent, and they don’t affect all requests to AnkiHub, so this is probably not a proxy issue.

Regarding failed suggestions, the log show you tried to submit a suggestion (note id: 1554771109803) where you didn’t make any changes to the fields with the comment “Please fix grammar issues with this card”. In case there is confusion about this, AnkiHub expects you to make your suggested changes to the relevant fields, then click the suggestion button. Maintainers then can review your changes and decide whether to include them in the deck or not. If you just want to raise an issue about some notes without making the change yourself, feel free to create a post here in the community instead of submitting a suggestion via the add-on or the website.

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