Unable to suggest edits

I am unable to suggest edits. Yesterday I was, but the buttons are now grayed out. I have signed out and into AnkiHub, and deleted and re-installed the add-on. I am on 2.1.56 qt6 on an Intel MacBook Pro. This issue is occurring with all AnkiHub cards.

Can you check for add-on updates? Which deck is this for & does this card belong to this deck?

No add-on updates are available. The card belongs to AK_Step1_v12

Are you logged into AnkiHub in the add-on?


I’m actually experiencing the same issue myself after having to delete and reinstall the add-on, I’ll have someone from the development team take a look at what’s going on

This is actually happening to all users, so I have made an official bug report here - you can follow along for further updates in this post. Thanks for your contribution to figuring this out!

Cool, thanks for jumping on it! Preciate it!