Suggest Change To AnkiHub Button In Browser Disappeared

I noticed recently that the “Suggest Change” button when editing cards in browser has disappeared. I am on the latest version of Anki 2.1.60 (mac intel Qt6) as well as latest version of AnkiHub. Any suggestions? Thanks

@brgr Please check in the Subscribed decks dialog (main Anki window → AnkiHub menu → Subscribed Decks) if you are subscribed to the AnkiHub deck the note is from. If not, you will have to subscribe to the deck in the add-on.

Hmmm, I am subscribed to the deck, but still do not see a way to submit changes to Ankihub without clicking on each card’s link to do it through the webpage.

i had this issue as well, turns out my anking note types addon got deleted somehow, i reinstalled it and it came back again. Maybe this is the case for you? If it isn’t deleted then delete the addon then redownload it again with this code: 952691989

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Very interesting. I had the add-on installed, but I opened it up and noticed it didn’t have any of the note types downloaded any more. So, I updated that, restarted Anki, and then Anki had me update the AnkiHub and notetypes add-ons. Once I did a restart and “update notetypes” in the add-on and synced back up with AnkiWeb, everything seems to be working now and the button has returned, as well as some other helpful ones. Thank you for the help.

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