Unable to use ctrl+C to copy question ID

I am unable copy (with ctrl+C) question ID’s from uworld to look up related cards on anki. This previously worked, but is no longer functioning today (no changes in software in last day either). I can confirm that my copy/paste functions are working. I have restarted my device and also re-installed the anki connect chrome plug in and anki add-on. All add-ons are up to date. I am still able to pull up all cards from the overview of a test result, but I prefer to view cards related to a single question at a time. Any help would be appreciated here!

Where are you inputting this into Anki? Can you take a picture of what you are trying to do?

Hello, typically ctlr+C on the uworld question to copy the search information for the tagged cards and then paste information into the search bar of the “browse” section of anki. This would then pull up the associated tagged cards for the question. It does not seem to be able to copy the question information, as I am only pasting other information that is on my clipboard (not the details). I have attached a screenshot of the browser page where I paste the details into (the bar marked “search cards/notes”).

Can you show me an example of a string you’d search in the browser?

Here is an example of what gets copied when I would hit ctrl+c on the uworld question: “tag:#AK_Step2_v12::#UWorld::12242

I searched it and got these results

Is this what is not working for you currently?

Correct, the seach feature and tags are working fine. My issue was not being able to copy the seach query when on uworld itself.

I ended up putting another add-on that corrected this issue (“Find cards from UWorld test” is the name of this add-on).

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