Uncovered details step 2 ck

First of all I want to appreciate Anking team for your hard work. I realized so many cards were updated but unfortunately very few cards/notes were added. I think so many details are uncovered regarding step 2 ck , I mean when I am doing questions I realize that anking covers only answer part of question with very few additional details . Shortly , so many missing details and my question is what are your future plans about adding uncovered uworld data to anking?

We are planning to address this soon. We currently have thousands of new cards backlogged and we are working on a system to properly tag/accept new cards. It will be a massive project but rest assured that it is planned and will be taking effect in the near future.

Regarding UWorld, we cannot share images/text from UWorld since they are protected by copyright.

We will however do our very best to accommodate and ensure high-quality new notes/changes continue coming!

This is very promising , I know it is very hard question but when approximately we should expect?

I mean you can make uworld content with making text out of uworld info ,I think the net goal should be same summary not necessarily exactly the same words

Yes that is what we are doing as part of the image replacement project that is wrapping up in a few weeks in regards to UWorld text

Currently I cannot give you a timeline since we are just starting, but we want to make sure we do it right the first time, quality over quantity, we will be sure to update you when the project is underway

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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