Creating New cards

  1. Upon reviewing some Uworld material, I would like to add my own cards in addition to premade cards. How could I achieve this in such a way that the formatting is identical to Anking overhaul deck and that it is kept whenever syncing.
  2. Moreover, I would like to tag these cards “missedQs” and protect them as mentioned in Anking courses (gone over all of them)
    Do I just simply create my own tag?

Sorry, this is my first time using Anki, so although I dedicated 8+ hours, still got some questions.


For your first question, to make it identical, use the AnKingOverhaul note type when creating the card. Note that any new cards you create will not be overwritten or deleted, you can just make the new cards and everything will be good to go

For your second question, you can just add a tag to the card and they will stay, nothing else needs to be done

Let us know if you need anything else!

Thank You for clarifying! Much easier than I would’ve expected.

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