Filtered Deck for AnKing Overhaul Only?


I’ve just finished the “Reviewing Missed Questions” video tutorial on the “Getting Started with AnKing Step Deck” module, which talks about creating filtered decks for Missed Qs and Difficult Cards.

Just to clarify, I have to create my own protected tag on the AnkiHub web-portal for Missed Qs and Difficult cards for this to work?

And, more generally::

If I wanted to create a “Difficult Cards” filtered deck but only for AnKing Overhaul (I have other, non-medically-relevant decks in Anki I’ve made previously) how would I do that in Anki 2.1.66? Would I click “enable a second filter” and do the prop:ease<2.2 on that one? Does filter-order matter? Also, would I select “Random” on my insertion order on my first filter (being “deck: AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2”) or does it not matter? And lastly, would I have to make sure both card limits on both filters were 999999?

Thanks so much for your time, and happy holidays!

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There is no need to create a protected tag on the AnkiHub portal for filtered decks to work. The protected tags are only if you want to suggest something to the AnKing deck, so it does not appear as a random tag when maintainers go through your suggestion.

If you want to create a difficult cards filtered deck, all you would have to do is tag the cards with for example “Difficult” and then make a custom study with just that tag

It does not matter if the insertion was random, its up to personal preference

Card limits can be 9999 if you have that many cards, its whatever you would like it to be, for example if you only wanna see 100 when you make that custom study, then 100 as a limit would work just fine

Let me know if I answered your questions sufficiently or If i misunderstood some of them!

Hey Ahmed,

Thanks so much for the fast and clear response.

I thought I’d understood from the course module, but you clearly have way more expertise here: so if I wanted to create something like a “MissedQs” tag to use for my AnKing overhaul deck, I could just create that in my Anki desktop app and I wouldn’t lose it on the sync? I only ask because I thought the purpose of protecting tags was so that they don’t disappear when you sync with AnkiHub.

Thanks for your help with this last clarifier, and happy holidays.


Yes exactly, you can make a tag called MissedQs and add it to whatever cards you want. This does not need to be protected because this is a local tag you are adding.

You would only need to protect a tag if you wanted to suggest to AnkiHub and not have it show up as a suggestion.

Happy holidays to you too!

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