View Note on AnkiHub link ipad

The the link for the “View Note on AnkiHub” text on my ipad extends all the way across the screen now. Text looks normal, the link area just extends past the text horizontally. Causing an issue for me as it often covers where I tap my screen for next or again. Since that part of the link is invisible I keep accidentally tapping it.

Following these steps should fix the problem:

  • start Anki Desktop with the AnkiHub add-on installed - install updates to the add-on if you get a prompt for updating (restart Anki in this case)
  • sync with AnkiWeb from Anki Desktop
  • sync with AnkiWeb from the ipad.

The button should then show up as a link again when viewed on the ipad.

I have already tried this multiple times. It is showing up as a link the issue is that if you tap anywhere on the screen in line with the text, it takes you to ankihub. As far as I know, previously, you had to click the text its self…

This was now fixed. Please follow these steps again for the update to take effect.

All fixed. Thank you!

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