Why are there no subdecks in the AnKing V12 deck?


When AnkiHub was initially released, it did not have subdeck support. We have not added it to the AnKing deck because of how complex it is.

We did, however, add a #AK_Original_Decks tag that contains all the original subdecks.

Future Plans

We have plans to enable subdecks in the future, but likely only for Step 1. The Step 2 content overlaps too much with other topics

One card can have many tags, but can only belong to one deck. Many of the cards in this deck are relevant for multiple topics, so we have used tags for the primary organization

Where can I Find the Tags?

You can find the tags by going to browse in Anki → on the left-hand side, go to tags → you will find #AK_Step1_V12, #AK_Step2_V12, and #AK_Step3_V12

Here is the current tag hierarchy we have as of December 2023

Tag Hierarchy

CleanShot 2023-12-18 at 00.26.27@2x

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