Why do i get new cards tagged as duplicates almost each time i sync with ankihub

Hi, each day I sync ankihub, and I would get here and there 5-7 new cards marked as (“Duplicated”) on the “tag:#AK_Step1_v12::!DELETE(Duplicate)” (and step 2 also), and I casually delete these. Is there a problem causing them to appear? Is it an ongoing process of trying to eliminate the duplicated cards on the deck? Because they seem informative, and I’m not sure, but I think once (can’t remember clearly it was last month), I saw a card that was not duplicated but tagged as a duplicate, and I proceeded and deleted it since it was put under that tag also.

Should I worry about losing cards? or just delete them as I was doing?

Resolved here: If we DELETE card from our AnkingV12/Ankihub deck, will they get re-added upon sync?