Why does my Step2 anking deck from Ankihub have less cards than other people?

I have around 18,200 cards in my step 2 deck, but other people I know have 19,000 is there a way to fix this discrepancy on this end?

Go to browse on anki, go up to ankihub, press reset local changes to deck, this will make it revert everything unless you protected a field/tag

I have 18,571 cards but sometimes it varies.

If that doesn’t work, try this:

Unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub addon β†’ unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub website β†’ resubscribe again on the website β†’ press sync on anki

I tried both options and have about few cards less than before now, so is there no way to get the extra 800 or so cards I am missing?

Check if any are in the delete tags, we removed a ton a bit ago