Wrong orientation of new brainstem slice schematics, card content sometimes doesn't align

The new brainstem schematics from radiopedia use a different orientation than what is traditionally used in anatomy and in the literature - the ventral side is at the top instead of at the bottom. Honestly makes it extremely confusing at times.

Also, some of the cards used to reference the old images and don’t even line up with the new images that have recently been added. For example, the card for the image below (note:1480874931616) references the presence of a 4th ventricle but this is nowhere on the new image.

Was wondering what other people thought about these recent changes.

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Hi! I’m the guy that replaced these images. I appreciate that the spatial reversal of what you’re used to could make things confusing. I apologize if that’s made it more difficult for you to learn. We have included in the “Additional Resources” field the previous image that was used. If you wish, you may copy that image back over to the “Text” field and protect the card from additional changes - I know that isn’t a great workaround but it’s the best I can help you with at the moment.

Regarding the specific card mentioned - the fourth ventricle is mentioned in the original image, but so is the vermis, which is not a part of the pons, but rather a part of the cerebellum. You can see on the original image that the fourth ventricle is the space between the cerebellum and the pons and upper medulla. In this image, the fourth ventricle is implied on the inferior part of the image; it is bordered by the v-shaped indentation.

The team and I understand that the recent changes to the images have generated some concerns. Our primary goal is to create a deck with images that are both licensed and sharable, which can be challenging when it comes to finding the perfect images for each card. We want to assure you that this is just our initial attempt at improving the deck’s visual aids to enhance the learning experience.

Please know that we also have dedicated team members and volunteers working diligently to develop customized images for the deck. We are committed to refining the deck based on user feedback and needs. If you or any other users have suggestions for better, sharable image resources, we would greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you for your patience during this transition. Your feedback is extremely helpful to us, and we are working to make the necessary improvements to better serve all the users of the AnKing deck.

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@peepinator thats probably even a better response I could give. We’re working on responding to all feedback and definitely trying to take all of these things into account as we try to improve the deck!