Accidentally Bulk Suggested Notes Twice

I am really sorry if this has been asked and answered before, I scoured the forums and couldn’t find anything.

I’m currently making a deck that I’m syncing to Ankihub. Recently I got done making some new cards, and I highlighted them, hit “bulk suggest notes” and had it upload the new cards to the deck. My brain stopped working for 5 seconds, and I highlighted the cards again, and hit “bulk suggest notes” again. Now I have 50 duplicates with identical ID’s in my Ankihub deck, but my local copy still obviously only has one copy.

How do I get rid of the duplicates on Ankihub?


There is currently no way of deleting notes on AnkiHub but this feature is planned.

We can get one of our developers to delete those NIDs for you however, would that be okay?

Yes please that would be perfect, I’ll be sure to not make that mistake again (hopefully).


What deck is it?

Master the Boards Step 3

All the duplicates were added in on 1/17

Hi! We are currently working on removing such duplicates from all decks (that have duplicate notes) on AnkiHub. This should be hopefully done next week or so.This will also prevent duplicates from getting created in the future.

The duplicate notes were removed! Your deck has 377 notes on AnkiHub now.

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