Different notes with same Anki ID


So me and my friend share a custom deck for ourselves
We noticed a difference in the cards, on their laptop vs mine
The same card, updated, I have the latest one and his was stuck on the older version, even though we synced his with AnkiHub

I checked the deck online, and it shows me the 2 versions of the same card but with different text, but the same id

How did this happen and how can we sync it so we both have the same version?

Our own copies on our own laptops show us having different versions, so I can delete the card from my Anki

here’s the same issue, with other cards

almost all our cards seem to be present twice in the same deck, with the same Anki id

This is a known issue that we’re not yet sure about the cause of.

Tools > Check Database should remove the duplicate notes from your local collection, but the AnkiHub deck needs to be fixed manually by us. I’ll notify the team.

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I don’t have any duplicate notes in our collection, it’s just on AnkiHub that we have the duplicate notes

Thanks so much for the assist!
When would the issue be solved by?

@ProductTeam , @luan1q2w3e , I think we need to prioritize fixing this issue. It has also been discussed in other topics here.

For this user, I think we can remove duplicate notes from their Ankihub deck, preserving the ones with a newer modification time.

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Hey it seems like it’s not fixed yet

AnkiHub is for getting updates and having the latest cards
and that’s the exact thing that we’re unable to do :frowning:

Do we have an ETA?
Cause it’s slowing up our study schedules

Sorry for the inconvenience, @beejumm :frowning_face: We’ll see if we can come up with a quick fix. Which deck is this concerning?

@luan1q2w3e , @jakub.f , before we implement a complete fix for this, is there any reason not to fix this on the backend for this user? Can we find notes in the AnkiHub deck that have duplicate Anki IDs and only keep the duplicate that has the more recent modification timestamp? Didn’t we already do something like this before?

This is regarding my personal deck:

I’ve checked and it’s still the same issue, so any quick remedial action would be much appreciated

It’s still hasn’t been resolved

Also my edits to the cards are reverting back to the state before the edit
Had to re-edit the cards again :frowning:

We should have it fixed this week - I’ll keep you posted. Sorry to keep you waiting!

Hey @beejumm! If it’s any consolation, I also described this exact same issue a few months ago: Duplicate cards submitted to AnkiHub (same note IDs) when forgot to sync with AnkiHub on new computer. I agree it’s really annoying and I’m glad the team are looking into it! If it’s any help in the meantime, the only way I somehow attempted to minimise it happening personally was ensuring that you try and actively avoid edits to cards before they have been synced with AnkiHub on a new device. I found the issue seemed to happen when I forgot to first sync the cards with AnkiHub on the other computer I signed into AnkiHub with and then proceeded to make some edits to the notes/cards (which appeared because of the normal synchronisation with AnkiWeb) and then “bulk suggest notes”. It would then submit the note with the edits thinking it was a “new card” perhaps because it hadn’t been synced yet, even though the exact note ID was the same as the existing card on AnkiHub so ideally should have been rejected. This understandably caused subsequent problems with syncing as a result. All the best :slight_smile:

We are working on both:

  • cleaning up Notes with duplicate Anki IDs (within the same deck, only)
    • we will preserve only the Note with the latest changes
  • preventing this from happening in the first place!

@beejumm , I’ll let you know as soon as we clean up duplicates in your deck (today or tomorrow)! Thanks again for your patience.

Hi @beejumm!

Notes with the same Anki ID in beejumm/Beejumm+Zeeshan's Custom Step 2 Cards have now been removed. The most recently modified Note was preserved. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will soon do this for all decks and also prevent it from happening again.

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