New Cards Being Duplicated

Hello! I’ve noticed that any time I sync with Ankihub and there are new cards, it gives me 2 of each new card resulting in duplicates. This is the second time this bug has occurred for me.

There was a similar post on the support thread from Aug 21. I followed the instructions in that thread which resolved the problem the first time. The instructions were: delete the duplicate cards (deleting one deletes both cards, unfortunately), unsubscribe then resubscribe to the deck in Ankihub, then resetting local changes. This fixed the problem for about ~1 month and it has recurred a second time, so I decided to post on the bug thread.

Other info that may be useful: I am using Dermki, and I use several devices that are all synced to Ankihub and Ankiweb, including a desktop PC, mac laptop, and iPhone.

I am curious if anyone else is experiencing this problem, or if it is something I am doing incorrectly from my end. Thanks!

Can you go to the AnkiHub addon → deck management → take a picture?

This happens to me after I make cards for AnkiHub, not sure what causes it

I assume the notes have different notetypes? (Because Anki is not showing a warning in red for the duplicates)

Good question, I hadn’t thought about this. For the duplicate cards, it looks like the note ID and note type are identical, however they each have a unique card ID.

Hmm, this sounds worrying and can cause problems. Notes should have unique IDs. Can you also post two screenshots of the Card Info screen of two duplicate notes?

You bet. Here is an example:

@ProductTeam Maybe this is related: Ankihub error while syncing

I suggest keeping track of this issue and proposed solutions on Notion so it doesn’t get lost: Problem of overlapping note ids between decks

Please go to Anki’s main window → AnkiHub → Help → Upload logs and data and post the file name you get here. This will help us to diagnose the issue.

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