Ankihub and ankiweb decks dont match in card number


I have the following issue (unequal amounts of notes in the same just synced ankihb deck) and dont understand the reason or how to resolve it:


Maybe I should say that I had to update the note type a while ago because I accidentally didnt keep making new cards with the ankihub note type (they are all image occlusions which for some reason I also cant edit anymore…). Anyway, now they are all the correct ankihub note type. Could that have caused the issue?

I also tried to add one card of a different note type which didnt let me sync so I deleted it again (I assume ankihub decks only support one note type for all notes of the deck?)

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Does using the AnkiHub > Reset all local changes to a deck option in the browser help?

Multiple note types currently only work if you upload them when you first create the deck and upload it to AnkiHub.

Can you check to see what this is set to?

CleanShot 2024-01-17 at 06.59.10

Toggle between them and see how many cards you have in each setting

I haven’t tried this " AnkiHub > Reset all local changes to a deck" Could I loose cards if I do or mess something else up?

And thanks for letting me know about multiple note types.

The numbers are identical (281) because the deck includes only image occlusion cards

Try resetting local changes, you wont lose any cards

That didnt change anything unfortunately

OK, I can reproduce the issue with a fresh subscription to the deck. Will investigate it.

As this message says, some notes were skipped because they already exist in another deck (The AnKing deck in your case)

Thanks so much for investigating. I feel like I’m not completely understanding what happened though. I’m the person who created this deck for myself and some people from my class. These are just image occlusions from some lecture slides. Im not sure how it relates to the AnKing deck, do they somehow happen to have the same ID? I do have the AnKing deck installed but am not currently using it yet and this Neuroscience deck or rather its content definitely have no similarities content-wise to AnKing.

My friend who subscribed to it and who I added as a moderator initially got all the cards I had made. Then I created some more cards (initially with the non AnkiHub note type which I then changed to the correct one, though I’m not sure this has anything to do with the issue) and when she synced her deck a while later she noticed tons of duplicates (she didnt add any cards on her end, nor did I have duplicates in my own deck…)

I just wanted to check since this problem seems to be quite hard to solve, is our best bet to just delete the deck and and move the cards into a fresh ankihub deck to see if that fixes the issues? Or is there anything else I could try?

Also do you by any chance know if there’s a way to edit IO cards in ankihub decks or is this currently impossible?

Thanks again

I was not able to solve the problem but I’ve deleted the deck now. I think it had to due with duplicate subdecks that somehow added additional cards. They were showing on my friend computer but not on mine despite syncing and creating the deck on my end. Thanks for your help.

It’s possible that they happened to have the same IDs since Anki assign IDs according to the creation date. One solution to try is to duplicate the deck such that all notes are given new IDs. There’s an add-on for that ( but it doesn’t preserve study progress.

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This is an instance of Problem of overlapping note ids between decks

Do we have plans to tackle this soon?

Thanks I’ll keep the add on in mind for now we just had to get the deck going to not lag behind clases too much even we lost a bit of study progress so I just shifted the cards to a new deck and created a new ankihub deck out of it and shared that with my study group.

I also wont be using subdecks or ankihub subdeck tagging for a while cause I feel it all started to happen around the time I did that. Also maybe logging into ankihub on two macs anki addons with the same ankihub account contributed so I only keep one synched with anki hub and no ankihub addon on the second.