Why are notes skipped after subscribing to a deck?

Short explanation
When notes are skipped when subscribing to a deck, this means that there was an overlap between the notes in the deck you subscribed to and the notes in other AnkiHub decks you have installed. To prevent duplicate notes, the overlapping notes from the new deck are skipped. In general this is what you want, as you don’t want to have duplicate notes in your Anki collection.

Note are identified by their Anki note id. If two notes from two different decks have the same Anki note id, they (probably) stem from the same source - this means that the note was created by one person and then shared using Anki’s import and export feature. In general you don’t want to have duplicate notes, so the note that is installed second is skipped.

How to not have notes skipped
If you want to have all notes from the newly installed deck in your Anki collection, without skipping any notes, there is a way to achieve that too.
Here are the steps:

  • Unsubscribe from the deck that has overlapping notes with the newly installed deck (let’s call this deck A)
  • Unsubscribe from the newly subscribed deck (let’s call this deck B)
  • Subscribe to deck B
  • Subscribe to deck A
    This way you will have all notes from deck B in your Anki collection and the notes that overlap between deck A and B will be skipped from deck A instead.