Moving existing AnKing card into new AnkiHub deck - potential syncing conflict?


I hope you can help me out with a particular problem I foresee arising. I had someone recently submit a few new notes to my deck which I’ve been maintaining (deck ID: 5a1160ef-6f41-4d8c-948b-f72275ef0ff7). I wasn’t aware before I approved the new notes that they were notes derived from an earlier non-AnkiHub linked version of the AnKing deck (v9). Instead of copying them, the person had simply moved them to my deck which they had subscribed to (rather than properly duplicating them which creates new note IDs using the right click > create copy function), converted them to my deck’s cardstyle and submitted them as new cards in my deck. Given that I have the AnKing deck on my computer, when I synced the changes with AnkiHub, the cards remained in the original AnKing deck even though they were tagged within my deck’s tagging structure. I strongly suspect this is because the Anki ID is unique to the AnKing cards so when I synced with AnkiHub the cards were recognised. I can move them to my deck and sync them as normal, but this essentially removes the cards from the AnKing deck.

My question is therefore - what is the current workaround to prevent syncing conflicts should someone have two AnkiHub deck subscriptions with the same card in both decks - say both with my deck and the AnKing deck whereby both AnkiHub decks have the same cards with the same AnkiHub ID? I checked on AnkiHub on both decks and they do indeed both have the same Anki ID despite different cardstyles. I haven’t been game enough yet to test it out in case (I’ve only subscribed to my own deck on AnkiHub and kept the AnKing deck unlinked with AnkiHub) it causes serious problems and corrupts the files. Given AnkiHub is linked to the note ID, I’m curious whether synced changes from both decks would lead to problems (would there be overwrite conflicts etc.)?

Seeing as the “delete notes” feature is not yet enabled in AnkiHub, I can’t really get rid of the cards either to prevent conflicts either. And even if I do tag them for deletion, people with the AnKing deck will have those cards permanently deleted if they did delete them (rather than delete it just from my deck which is the ideal situation). I ideally want it to be that people can subscribe to both decks and have all the cards entirely separate.

The note IDs with potential conflicts:

  • 1484862446206
  • 1484862452178
  • 1484862461322
  • 1484862490045
  • 1484862498158

Hope you guys can help me! :slight_smile:


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If we just delete those notes for you on the backend would that solve your problem?

The AnkiHub note that will be synced depends on the order in which the user subscribes to the decks with duplicate notes. However, the note will be updated in place (whichever deck it is already located in). So if someone is subscribed to the AnKing Overhaul deck and then they subscribe to yours, AnkiHub will skip the duplicates from your deck.

@jakub.f , can you do a quick write-up about this behavior in our documentation and link to it here?

I think that this issue is covered in this post:


If this is possible that would be great! I would prefer to keep all AnKing Overhaul cards out of my deck for the moment (even though from what I understand from the replies it wouldn’t really matter as long as the duplicated cards are in the different deck).

I see. Thanks for linking that. I did see that section appear on the notion documentation last week but I was still a bit confused on what it meant. This write up makes it a lot clearer. :slight_smile:

I deleted them for you.

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