Personal Decks in AnKing V12

This is applies to any AnkiHub deck but I am using the AnKing V12 deck. I tried to find information about this here and on Reddit but I’m relatively new to it all so I apologize if this is obvious.

I want to create a personal deck for missed UWorld questions so I can separate them out from general new cards or reviews in the AnKing deck. If I move the cards tagged with the UWorld questions I miss into a new subdeck, will it mess up the syncing with AnkiHub?

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Moving cards into decks does not and cannot affect syncing of actual card content

I’ve also had a similar question, I think… i.e. does moving a card from AnKing v12 (being synced/updated through AnkiHub) to a personal deck OUTSIDE of the subscribed-to AnkiHub deck cause any problems with syncing (i.e. will the cards moved outside the subscribed-to AnkiHub deck stop being updated and will duplicates of those cards be created within the AnkiHub deck? Still not totally sure, but in the case of the recent update error wherein I had to re-subscribe and re-download the Anking v12 deck, it doesn’t seem like there were any issues – i.e. doesn’t seem like duplicate cards were created. That being said, there is now a separate “Anking Overhaul for Step 1&2” deck and “Anking Overhaul for Step 1&2 (AnkiHub)” deck but they each only have a few cards in them. Again, not sure if you had the same question since you seemed to imply you were keeping your custom decks within the Anking v12 deck being synced to AnkiHub. But if anyone knows the answer to my scenario (wherein I want to move cards to my own deck outside of the Anking v12 AnkiHub deck since filtered decks aren’t really cutting it for what I want), then please let me know!

Moving cards is safe. AnkiHub searches for intrinsic note IDs and ignores deck location. Setting a home deck in the add-on merely dictates where new cards get added.