Will syncing to ankihub restore orignial deck structure?

I was subscribed to anking v12 and then stopped my ankihub subscription. After stopping it, I made a subdeck under step1 and called it Uworld and moved all the cards with the uwold step 1 tag on them in that deck. Now I want to fix my deck to the way it was and get rid of the uworld subdeck. Will resubscribing and syncing to ankihub restore the deck structure the way it was and put all the cards back into their respective subdecks? I also wanted to ask will syncing to ankihub mess with my flags? Thank you


No, resubscribing will not fix the deck structure.

You will have to move your cards manually.

No, it will not

Thank you for your response. Is there an easy way to move them rather than doing each card individually? is there a subdeck tag on the cards?

You can go to browse → on the left hand side find decks → click on the subdeck that you put it under → select all those cards → right click → change deck

I’m in a similar situation except I moved my cards BEFORE I subscribed to Ankihub. I also redownloaded Anking, but the cards I moved months ago are still stuck under the personal deck.
If I manually move them all to the Anking deck, will a sync move the cards to their appropriate subdecks?

Or maybe is there a way to redownload Anking with the cards in their appropriate locations? Idek why it wouldn’t have done that in the first place when I reinstalled it

Resubscribing wont fix their positions, also, there are no subdecks in V12

See why here: Why are there no subdecks in the AnKing V12 deck?