Clarification about how ankihub cards are processed when moved from the home deck

Honestly, not sure if this is somewhere in the documentation, but I haven’t been able to find a clear answer thus far.

I am subscribed to the Anking Overhaul for Step 1 & 2. I already had a bunch of other decks installed (such as lolnotacop, cheesy dorian, etc).

Q1: When I downloaded the subscribed deck, it only shows 171 cards. However, it seems some of the “old” deck, contain cards that are part of the subscribed deck. Thus, am I correct in understanding that if a card, for example in the lolnotacop deck, was the same card as in the subscribed deck, that card simply gets updated w/ an association to the subscribed deck, regardless of what deck or subdeck that it is actually in?

You are right, any card bearing NID that matches the NID of AnkiHub will get updated regardless of the deck it is in.

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To see how to move all the cards, see this post: It says my AnKing deck was installed, but I can't see the new deck

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Thank you for the confirmation. I followed Ahmed’s link and moved everything to a newly created ankihub central deck.

An interesting event, however, occurred when I selected the note types, which was that notes that I had created independently with the Anking Overhaul (AnkingMed) note type also moved and it freaked me out for a moment. I had been making my own cards on the latest divine rapid review series and they were gone from their subdeck.

In retrospect, this makes sense because I was moving a particular note type (as opposed to, in my mind, thinking that by brainlessly selecting the note type while working overnights might somehow magically move only the Anking content cards).

Anyway, thought that might be worth pointing out in case someone reads this post in the future and temporarily goes into Afib thinking the cards they made had vanished.

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