Discrepancies in suggestions with same NoteID

Just came across a weird bug while adding one tag to a note.

DeckID: https://app.ankihub.net/decks/586d9d05-8801-4074-b06b-78bffb71e360/
NoteID: 1669904925649

Ankihub showed that it missed most of the tags it should already have.

So a friend made another test-suggestion with the same note. And suddenly it does contain all the tags server-side.

It also shows the outstanding suggestion for this note as β€œ1”, even though both suggestions have the same NoteID

No idea whats happening here

There are two notes with the same ID in the deck, which is what’s probably causing this:

Related bug report: Duplicate cards submitted to AnkiHub (same note IDs) when forgot to sync with AnkiHub on new computer

I can delete one of them for you if you’d like. Let me know which one.

You can delete the lower one.
Thank you very much!

Not syncing between two devices is the likely cause

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