Delete note feature hiccup

There is a hiccup with deleting cards from AnkiHub.
We are currently pushing an update note suggestion with the delete tags, and an extra section delete notice prior to pushing the delete note suggestion. If users don’t sync between those two events (or possibly might be due to the creation of the delete note suggestion prior to the creation of the update note suggestion) it doesn’t push the note update so all the cards tagged “AnkiHub_Deleted” do not have the delete notice/tags on them. (but if you check note history on AnkiHub you see that the update was in fact push prior to the delete)
For example: (nid:1552143502109)


Just so everyone’s aware


Bump / request for update, please. It kinda kills my workflow to wait 1-2 days between duplicate merging and deleting just to make sure people have time to sync first