Addon to divide screen into right & left panels when doing cards


While doing my micro cards, I found it tedious to scroll down to see sketchy pictures so refresh my memo [though their field open automatically]. I know I can reduce font size so that everything fits the screen but I feel their could be a smarter way to optimize all that [that’s why I’m writing!] …

So I thought that it would be interesting to have the screen divided into two when doing the cards, one side for the text and extra fields and another side for all other fields as sketchy pathoma physeo additional etc. Really, there is much empty space when solving cards which can otherwise be used smartly.

I would really appreciate feedback on that suggestion as well as its feasibility if the add on not already done - hopefully coders here could assess that and maybe consider it :slight_smile: -


Recently, with images being replaced in extra field and moved to additional field, I felt that the above suggestion would have an even greater impact. If someone expert in addons could consider that, it would be great as by having the screen divided R and L, we could have pictures moved to additional field displayed without the need to scroll while having other fields too open as SK for example…

Thanks for reading and liking if you think it’s worth it :smiley:

I’ve seen some people attempt this but the code was always not great and it didn’t work with some screen resolutions. I think that’s why nobody has ever attempted it (sorry)

Thanks for the feedback! though it saddens me that such addon wouldn’t work but that’s okay

Yeah sorry… I’ve looked for something like this too

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