Allowing use on multiple computers simultaneously

I would like to see Ankihub enable users to remain signed in on multiple computers simultaneously. As a subscriber, I use a laptop for my day-to-day and a desktop computer when studying at home. It can be frustrating having to sign in to Ankihub each time I switch between devices.

I understand that Ankihub may have implemented the current sign-in process to prevent sharing among non-paying members. However, the current method is not foolproof, as one could simply sign in and continue sharing. Given that I am paying for this subscription, I believe there should be a way for me to be signed in on multiple devices at the same time.

Therefore, I suggest that Ankihub allows a maximum of two computers to be signed in at once. With the new scholarship options, Ankihub will become even more affordable and accessible to a broader audience. I appreciate your consideration of this request and believe it would greatly improve the user experience on Ankihub.

@r2s0K2c5 Hey man pinging you since you asked for this long ago and I think you had some activity in my recent post where this was also discussed. This has been implemented in the last few days and I am now able to sync both my computers (Win + MacOS) without having to login each time.

Don’t know how you were thinking of doing it but the way I do it to keep my work synced is uploading the deck on one machine and subscribing on the other, or just subscribing to the deck on both machines if I’m just a collaborator. Also if you make cards/changes on one but don’t suggest them and keep everything synced to AnkiWeb, you’ll have the chance of syncing it to AnkiHub later on from your second machine.

Consider marking it as a solution if it fits your purpose :smile:

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