Bug: AnkiHub on two or more devices

Opening a bug ticket for what I believe is unintended behaviour.

I started fiddling with having a secondary machine with running Anki and AnkiHub, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts. I have noticed that logging into AnkiHub addon on one machine (a MacOS laptop) logs me out of the AnkiHub addon on my other machine (a Windows PC). This also happens if I try to log in from my Pine64 (IoT, Raspberry pi-like device).

Problem: cannot have an open session of AnkiHub addon on two machines at once. Logging in and syncing in one will logout the other.

Steps to replicate: 1. Login and sync in one machine. 2. Try to sync on the other machine.

There is one mention of this same issue which seems to have gone under the radar.

This is currently intended behavior, but it will soon change and you will be able to be logged in on two devices at once.

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Any ETA on how many weeks/months away are we from seeing that update arrive?

This should be updated tomorrow.


Just had the chance to test it out and it seems to have been implemented. Marking andrew’s answer as Solution.


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