AnkiMobile/AnkiDroid with AnkiHub workaround

What is the current state of AnkiHub x AnkiMobile integration strategy?

My issue is that I want to add Anki cards using AnkiMobile on my iPad and sync them to AnkiHub so that they become readily available to my deck maintaners.

The only way I have found of doing so is through the following multi-step process:

  1. Sync (push) to Ankiweb on AnkiMobile.
  2. Sync (pull) from AnkiWeb on Anki desktop
  3. Bulk upload the cards overriding suggestion to AnkiHub.

For this reason, since my Windows machine is at home, my take involves resorting to a remote connection tool such as Google Remote Desktop coupled with Wake on LAN to be able to access my dekstop remotely and perform the the aforementioned process from anywhere else (e.g. the library).

Now, the issue is, not only is all of this quite tedious to set up, but also a way too slow of a process to viably do several times in a short amount of time. I was thinking of delegating this task to an always running raspberry Pi type of machine or even a VM that should repeat this process at set intervals (i.e. every 15 minutes) in order to have AnkiHub keep up with my AnkiWeb changes as well as pull whatever changes my deck maintainers have made to our shared deck back to AnkiWeb, so that I can see them from my iPad.

Are there any chances this might be possible to automate, before I, a not so tech savy person, embark into this task?

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You definitely seem tech savvy!

At the moment Damien keeps AnkiWeb proprietary but we have messaged him and are hoping for a tighter collaboration that would solve things like this. For now I don’t have a much better solution than what you’re doing

I assume the “no third-party software read and write operations are permitted on AnkiWeb” Anki ToS item is the issue. However devs have given this privilege to third-parties in the past, as is the case of AnkiDroid. Collaborative Anki decks are also breakthrough advances in Anki usage so I would be surprised if he denied you this possibility.

Were that matter to be ever be solved, would it be possible [on your end] to make direct AnkiHub-AnkiWeb sync happen?

This was a pretty interesting post to read, I’ve never considered someone would go to such lengths to receive the updates on mobile. Is there a possibility Anki can be downloaded on a local machine where you are during the day? Perhaps a school/work/library computer?

Were that matter to be ever be solved, would it be possible [on your end] to make direct AnkiHub-AnkiWeb sync happen?

As far as I’m aware, the end goal would be to have more synergy between the two to streamline the syncing process

All depends on Damien at this point really

I do not own a laptop, however I do have a Windows PC at home. I intended using wake-on-LAN to not have to keep it on during the whole day. Remote into it and perform the process I mentioned of pulling from AnkiWeb and pushing to AnkiHub.

I am currently in the process of purchasing a raspberry pi for remoting into and doing the same, except this can run all day given the low power consumption. However since the issue is convenience, I would much rather prefer to automate this process so it can run on its own when I tell it to or every set amount of time. I’ve also contacted AnkiConnect’s dev FooSoft, to check whether his addon can be adapted to serve my purpose. That way I could write something that communicates with Anki via a HTTP API and does it automatically.

I’m waiting for his response, but if AnkiConnect can’t do it I’ll have to look for an Anki CLI-kind of tool. I hope I will find something eventually.