Addon on Multiple Devices

I understand that currently, it is not recommended to have the AnkiHub addon installed on multiple devices due to potential conflicts. However, is there a way to enable the ability to make suggestions or use the “See on AnkiHub” button without encountering any issues?

Currently, I have the addon installed on my desktop at home, but I use a laptop for a significant portion of my reviews. Until now, I’ve been adding a flag and revisiting them later, but having a solution that works seamlessly across all devices would be really helpful.

@andrew @developers

I have the addon installed on computer and laptop and sync with both and it works fine

Oh really?

Nevermind then :joy:


Yea haha, just make sure to always sync before doing something

If you’re working on your laptop and made changes but want to now go to computer. Then first sync with ankiweb and ankihub on laptop then go to computer and sync again and everything should work

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Healthy AnkiHub edicate is always sync before stepping away :slight_smile:

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