Anki freeze and pop out a message that it is creating a backup

Hi, I am having a problem with Anki. Out of blue the program freeze and pop out a message that it is creating a backup. I have try everything I have found online. This is getting annoying. I have to shout it down from task manager.
I am using ankiweb on my pc windows 10, and it is my first time using Anki
Anki ver

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This actually happened to me many times, this week it happened twice and I’m not sure what I did to cause it… I think its just something to do with Anki @abdo.nh

Has been happening to me too at least twice a day for the past 2 weeks, it started after I updated Anki, so it’s def an Anki issue
The (temp) solution I found was to force END TASK for Anki thru the Task Manager and restart Anki

I’ve seen reports of this on the forums. There’s a change in Anki 23.10+ that made many add-ons freeze when doing long-running operations. This is probably related, but it needs to be fixed on the add-ons’ side.

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"Thank you for sharing your experience with this issue. I’ve been attempting to troubleshoot by narrowing down, deleting, and reinstalling some add-ons, and it seems that I may have made some progress. Thus far, I haven’t encountered any errors. The add-ons I deleted are:

  • fastbar with night mode support,
  • custom background image and gear icon
  • Anki simulator,
  • Google Translate.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this error doesn’t resurface."
    I hope this helps.
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A bug was just found in Anki that might be causing this. It’s more likely to occur with many add-ons.